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Office Generalist (IT or QA Specialty)

We're looking for someone who likes to wear many hats and have impact in lots of different places If someone needs something on a team, you’ll be our first line of defense for helping them get what they need, whether that’s travel, IT coordination, or to order lunch. The ideal person for this role will be willing to play a dual role: As an office generalist in addition to either our in-house IT support OR QA for our first game. We're a start-up. So sue us. ;D

You are:

  • Proactive: You don't wait for people to ask you to get it done and if you're unsure, you ask
  • Flexible: You are OK with things moving at a fast-pace and changing frequently
  • Great with customer service: Internal and External
  • Organized: Have no problems bouncing between multiple types of different tasks
  • Super passionate about games, VR, or technology

You will:

  • Be the owner of a variety of studio tasks that you will take from idea to completion
  • Have acted as an office admin, IT, or QA in a prior role
  • Be able to adapt and be flexible to change
  • Be able to balance between tasks and follow-up from across the studio
  • Be fairly technical and unafraid to figure out whatever is needed
  • Have great casual communication skills with good grammar and spelling

If this sounds like you, please apply here: